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Concept Creation / Marketing / Branding / Product Design

Make Like a Bandit is my firstborn passion. What started as a small, personal project close to my heart quickly evolved into a global brand which now sends custom illustrations to over twenty countries worldwide. MLAB's digital illustrations focus mainly on pet commissions, in which I pour my love of all animals into bright, fun and cherished portraits for pet owners. 

Creating effective social media marketing campaigns has proven key in developing and expanding the brand and launching into many overseas markets. Ensuring all content is suitable, appealing, and engaging to customers worldwide has proven invaluable, and MLAB has needed to adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape to thrive continuously. 


The strong brand identity, which reflects the fun and unique style of illustrations, personal touches and thoughtful customer engagement, has separated MLAB from similar competitors and resulted in 40% of customers returning for a second or third commission.

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