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Concept Creation / Branding / Marketing / Social Media
Website Design & Build / Merchandise & Graphic Design

The second child of the Dirty Blondes creator, Paradise Coast is a Tiki/ rum/ beach bum marriage of epic proportions. Located above Dirty Blondes in Blackpool, Paradise Coast is another unique and wacky cocktail bar serving fresh and lively cocktails and Caribbean-inspired small dishes, the likes of which Blackpool had yet to experience. 

Performing as an entirely separate company, Paradise Coast required every service provided to Dirty Blondes, but with an altogether different voice. One Zero Six was tasked with linking the two businesses as 'sisters' whilst retaining their individuality and autonomy. The message of Paradise is clear, relaxed, casual tropical vibes with a twist. 


Tasked with creating logos, menu design, merchandise and artwork for the walls, working with Paradise has meant creative freedom, with the only brief being 'make it tiki as f*ck'. 

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