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Brand Development / Marketing / Website Design / Social Media
Email Marketing / Brochure Design / Copywriting / Blog Management

Thomas James Bespoke is a luxury carpentry company nestled within the Lancashire countryside. They specialise in bespoke kitchens, home furniture and retail spaces, and the team pride themselves on their attention to detail and quality of their craft. 


Initially, the website consisted of a handful of pages with little information and imagery, leaving prospective clients wanting to know more. The company approached One Zero Six, wanting to overhaul its online presence, create a strong brand identity and become an industry-leading bespoke kitchen brand. 

Thomas and James set a loose brief to create a website that reflected their values, the traditional woodworking techniques used, and the materials' quality. We approached this task by starting from the ground up. We designed a website re-brand that heavily focused on everything essential to the team; materials, brand partnership, quality and of course high levels of customer service. We worked closely with a photographer, capturing the team doing what they do best and, of course, the final products situated in their new homes.

Building trust with potential clients was a key focus for the team. When clients are looking to make home improvements, they want to know they are working with businesses that care just as much as they do. And with that in mind, we took care to ensure each piece of content created, whether for an email campaign, social media or a blog post, that our high level of customer service and dedication was evident. 


By creating social media campaigns heavily focused on lead generation and creating a tailored customer journey, click-throughs to the website have increased exponentially. These activities have allowed us to create an extensive database of potential clients that receive weekly tailored email marketing. 


By developing a strong brand identity and encouraging social media engagement, overall business has increased by 100% in four months. We are proud to have worked with Thomas, James and their team, and we can't wait to see their progress a year from now.

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