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Branding / Website Design / Photography / Graphic Design / Illustration / Social Media Management / Project Management

Common Bar & Kitchen is Blackpool's friendly neighbourhood street food joint with a South American vibe. Serving innovative cocktails, tacos, burritos and Cubano sandwiches, the owner came to us with a vague idea of branding, image and voice for the business, which we developed and strengthened into a cohesive identity that is visible from the bars exterior, through to the toilets, social media, menus and music.


We've played a vital part in the creation of Common, with our work seen in every aspect of the project. From initial concept creation to project and social media management we worked closely with the owners in order to create a bar that will become a vital part of Blackpool's nightlife. 

We had a vague idea of what we wanted to do with the Common brand, but knew it would develop with the build. We needed someone to watch the building progress, design the interior and create a brand to match. We're very happy with Common, the branding, colour scheme, menus, social media... Everything is spot on and is consistent throughout.

- Jake Whittington, Owner of Common
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